Sophos Security Gateway is a family of solutions XTM (eXtensible Treat Management) offering a comprehensive security network infrastructure in one device. With the offered range of hardware platforms it is possible to protect a network of up to several thousand employees. Characteristic for Sophos Security Gateway solutions are: broad functionality, efficient and simple system management by built-in browser, and a high level of security confirmed in numerous tests and certificates issued. Family of solutions Sophos Security Gateway provides complete protection and is available on hardware platform, a software as well as certified (VMWare Ready ™) virtual machine.


SG Hardware UTM
SG Software UTM
SG Virtual UTM
Sophos RED
Sophos WiFi
Sophos Command Center
Sophos Mail Archiving

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  • Advanced Firewall
  • Support for all VPN clients
  • Detecting malware HTTPS transmission
  • Full email protection
  • Protection of confidential data
  • Filter pages for users
  • Blocking IM and P2P applications
  • Integrated Web Application Firewall
  • Flexible clustering
  • Integrated wireless networks
  • Web-based interface
  • Maintenance free
  • Email management and VPN
  • Simple connection for mobile users
  • Quick recovery of configuration
  • User authentication with AD and eDir
  • Integrated reporting
  • Integrated login
  • Safe connection of locations in 5 minutes
  • Clustering one click

Sophos Security Gateway Software Appliance i Virtual Appliance

  • Software Version
  • Full functionality available on the hardware platform

Features of Sophos Command Center

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Merged reporting
  • Security inventorization
  • Central maintenance of equipment
  • Central configuration
  • Access Management


Sophos RED

  • Product for remote offices centrally managed from a single device Astaro
  • Configuration takes just a few minutes
  • Does not require advanced technical skills
  • Savings of up to 80%

Advantages of Sophos RED

  • Easy to implement and manage
  • Connecting with locations – a virtual cable
  • Configuration in any location in two minutes
  • Central configuration by ASG
  • It does not require IT professionals in location
  • A small device, the price below 300 EUR
  • There are no maintenance costs in subsequent years
  • Complete UTM protection
  • The total network protection through the mechanisms of the central unit ASG

Sophos Security Gateway (Hardware Appliances)

  • For large and small businesses
  • High level of security
  • Full functionality
  • Equipped with the following modules:

Network Security

  • Network security through firewall, IPS (8500 signatures)
  • Unlimited free VPN gateway SSL VPN client
  • Fully configurable interfaces and gigabit / SFP

Mail Security

  • Protection of SMTP and POP3 mail by the mechanisms of spam, anti-phishing and two virus scanners (more than 800 000 signatures)
  • Integrated postal communication encryption mechanism

Web Security

  • Protection from Web-based traffic filtering content based on 96 detailed categories
  • Virus protection (over 800 000 signatures)
  • Antispyware filter
  • Wide range PROXY: SSO with AD and eDir, transparent, standard, basic authentication

Web Application Security

  • Web application security
  • Protection against dynamic XSS and SQL Injection, File Inclusion, directory traversal and other
  • Cookie security by encrypting mechanisms URL Hardening, profiles for HTTP and HTTP’s

Wireless Security

  • The possibility of building a secure wireless network using Sophos Access Points are centrally managed
  • Configuration up to 8 SSID for each AP with different security levels
  • Automatic guest network
  • PoE


  • maintenance-free solution for distributed networks
  • It allows you to connect and secure branch offices thereby reducing the TCO (no maintenance)

November 2022